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Press F4 to Achieve Nirvana

May 2, 2015 | By | No Comments

Running a location independent business is full of challenges. Everyone knows the struggle to find dependable Wi-Fi and the need to have a crash plan if your computer is soaked by a renegade margarita. Of course there’s also navigating new cultures and languages and trying to pack enough but not too much. And what if the guesthouse you were counting on is full or the AirBNB host declines your request? Most of us have experienced at least a couple of these logistical issues. But, what about the day-to-day issues of running your business?

Even in a brick and mortar store, making a business work is just plain strenuous. Anybody have demanding clients or undependable suppliers? Yep! Anybody find it too easy to find new customers or have too much time to get it all done? I didn’t think so.

In this blog let’s find ways to make the business process smoother for Digital Nomads; let’s find solutions for making your business easier to run.

Will we ever be able to simply press F4 to achieve nirvana here on earth? Doubtful, but let’s say you’ve got a two-pound laptop, you’re an AirBNB ninja and your Tortuga never gets heavy. Now what?

Thoughts? What are the key business problems you face as a Digital Nomad? What really messes with your ability to keep the wheels on the bus so you can get busy making customers happy or enjoying whatever part of the world you’re in?

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